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13 July 2010

Crime/Terrorism nexus: the complaint against Mustafa Ahmad Naushad, et al.

Mustafa Ahmad Naushad lived in Charlotte, NC for a time, and attended college there. This puts him into the orbit of Samir Khan, de facto number one guy in the emerging American al-Qaida network.

2. According to a criminal complaint filed in the Southern District of California, Naushad, together with co-defendants Tamim Abdul-Samad AKA Brandon Harris, and Darryl Eugene Peterson AKA Najm, robbed a CitiBank branch in La Mesa, California, on 19 April, 2010.

3. The bank robbery featured the open display of a firearm, and assaults on three tellers, who were kicked about the head and neck as they lay on the floor of the bank.

4. Najm and Abdul-Samad are African-American, and are presumably converts to Islam. Abdul-Samad has been arrested on at least four prior occasions, though the nature of those cases is not known to me.

5. Naushad was living in La Mesa at the time of the bank robbery, and was under FBI surveillance unrelated to bank robbery. Presumably the surveillance was related to an ongoing terrorism investigation. Naushad's car had a tracking device installed on it, in addition to other forms of surveillance that were being conducted.

6. Abdul-Samad was also under surveillance related to Naushad and the presumed terrorism investigation. Najm and Naushad were frequently seen together by agents conducting surveillance, often in Naushad's car, while Najm and Abdul-Samad were known to attend the same mosque.

7. The tracking device places Naushad's car at the bank at the time of the robbery, and the vehicle's description matches that of the getaway car as described by witnesses.

8. Video surveillance at the bank, video surveillance related to the presumed terrorism investigation, and multiple eye witnesses, all identify the same three individuals as being involved in the robbery, and all identity these three suspects as the perpetrators of the bank robbery.

9. Naushad was arrested in Charlotte and has a detention hearing before a US Magistrate at the Federal courthouse there on 14 July 2010, at 9:30 am. Court filings in Charlotte indicate that the Muslim community plans to come out in large numbers in support of Naushad. They should probably have read the criminal complaint from California before they decided on that course of action.

10. Case 3:10-mj-02223-JPC, Document 1, Filed 07/02/10, Unsealed 07/10/10.
USA v. Abdul-Samad/Harris, Naushad, and Peterson/Najm
Complaint for Violation of 18 USC 2113, Bank Robbery

Thanks to Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report for the initial tip, and Cousin X for research assistance.

Posted on 13 July 2010 @ 14:10

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