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06 December 2009

My problem with "jihobbyist"

Let me preface this by saying that I approve of Jarret's method and objective, as he continues to successfully bait members of the English-language as-Ansar forum. In fact his efforts resemble the relationship I had with Irhabi007 & Co. from 2004 to roughly 2007.

The problem is that the term jihobbyist conveys the notion that these guys are not serious, that they do not constitute a threat. In fact what these guys are doing is marking time while waiting for the opportunities and associations to appear that will allow them to become real jihadis. My own period of baiting jihadis came to an end because I ran out of jihadis to bait - they were all in jail.

Whether Jarret's boys will ever get the chance to realize their terrorist ambitions depends on a broad range of factors, some individual, some social, some related to place, some entirely random - if the field is in need of something, it is an accounting of the role of happenstance in an individuals ability to actualize their jihadi identity.

So, on that note, bear witness as Jarret Brachman practices the curious art of poking homicidal freaks with a sharp stick:

Making Jihobbyists our New Secret Weapon in Combating Jihobbyism


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Posted on 06 December 2009 @ 13:09

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